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Our highly trained team of private investigators exemplifies a refined culture and we offer a diverse variety of age and gender based staff. Our unique backgrounds and blend of experience allow us to approach your investigation in innovative ways. Discreet Investigations leads the way in affordable domestic investigations in Nevada with private investigators in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Anthem, Henderson and Reno. We are licensed, bonded and insured for the state of Nevada, license number #1679. No matter what domestic issue you face, you have found the Las Vegas private investigator that can find the truth on your behalf.

Las Vegas Infidelity Investigations

Surveillance For Cheating Men

Unfortunately most Las Vegas Investigators provide this service but lack the skills, training, expertise and understanding of the sensitivity involved in investigating a cheating spouse in Las Vegas. Our Las Vegas detectives are skilled, trained professionals that specialize in investigating a cheating spouse, cheating boyfriend, cheating girlfriend or significant other. When you begin to believe your closest partner, the person you most depend on, is no longer trustworthy then what do you do? We can discreetly assist you to gain a better understanding of what a private investigator can do for you.

Cheating Husbands & Boyfriends


Do you have a gut feeling that your husband maybe unfaithful while visiting Las Vegas on business, for a bachelor party or just here engaging in the many activities associated with Sin City? Discreet Investigations in Las Vegas has the right team of investigators to assist you to obtain evidence of a cheating husband. It is common for a cheating husband to try and confuse you or convince you it's all in your mind when confronted about your suspicion that he may be having an affair or a weekend enjoying the ladies of the night. If he engages prostitutes, what sort of sexually transmitted disease may he unknowingly bring home? Our discreet and experienced cheating husband private investigators in Las Vegas obtain undisputable evidence for you. "What Happens in Las Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas". We have a number of women who are investigators that understand your plight and are here to help.

Cheating Wives & Girlfriends

Cheating Husband

It is not uncommon for an innocent girl's trip or business trip to Las Vegas to turn into your worst nightmare. If you have a gut feeling that your wife may be tempted by the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" attitude, our cheating wife private investigators in Las Vegas can help. Let us be your eyes and ears. We can discreetly report to you the facts without jeopardizing your relationship. Do not cause yourself unneeded stress imagining the worst and never discovering the truth. Allow one of our Las Vegas private detectives to assist you in seeking peace of mind.

Missing Person Searches (Skip Trace)

Missing Person

Are you looking for your birth parents? Lost contact with a relative or looking for a missing person? Discreet Investigations can help! Discreet Investigations has access to over 1,000 databases and we are staffed with experienced missing person private investigators allowing us to search and find missing people with a 95% success rate. Each missing person locate is unique, and some individual circumstances will require work across many states in order to produce a satisfactory outcome. Lets us help you reconnect you with your lost love ones.

Backround Checks

Background Checks

At Discreet Investigations we offer background checks that can be used for a variety of reasons. Find out the true background of a potential love interest or a friend you believe to be trustworthy before you allow them into your life. In today's world of online dating and social networking it has become easier for criminals to assume false identities. At Discreet Investigations, we have experienced background check private investigators that can assist you in discovering someone's true identity. Do not put your faith and trust in the hands of outdated online searches. Contact one of our professional private detectives that will guide you through the process of discovering someone's true background.

Private Investigations

Discreet Investigations licensed private detectives assist people in finding crucial information. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Discreet Investigations knows the valley and our network of private investigators has a reach around the globe.

Cheating Husbands & Wives

Discreet Investigations in Las Vegas has the right team of investigators to assist you to obtain evidence of a cheating husband or wife. Our discreet and experienced private investigators in Las Vegas obtain undisputable evidence of your cheating husband or cheating wife.

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